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Holiday Menus

Whether it's for you or your entire extended family, take the holidays off and let us do the cooking for you.

Easter Dinner

In this time of year when we are all going through our daily routines and trying to get everything done, it’s nice to have time to have time off to reflect on the meaning of Easter. Let us help you with it all so you have the time to spend with your loved ones. Let us take care of dinner for you.

  • Glazed ham
  • Peas & Carrots
  • Scalloped Potatoes
  • Pasta Salad
  • Tossed Salad
  • Buns
  • Rice Pudding

Thanksgiving Dinner

This time of year we have so much to be thankful for and it’s nice to relax and have the whole family and friends over for a nice meal. With that said it is a lot of work to feed everyone and it’s not all that relaxing. Take this one off and give us a call to take care of all the work for you.

  • Traditional Roasted Turkey
  • Savoury Stuffing
  • Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Peas and Baby Barrots
  • Gravy
  • Tossed Salad
  • Roasted Vegetable Pesto Salad
  • Buns
  • Baked Apples

Christmas Dinner

Do you want to have everyone over for Christmas dinner. Want spend your time with family/friends instead of cooking? We will do all the work for you so you can have Christmas off! Book your Christmas meal with us and we will have it all ready for you to pick up!

  • Slow roasted Turkey and Gravy
  • Garlic mashed potatoes
  • Traditional stuffing
  • Honey glazed carrots
  • Broccoli mandarin ranch salad
  • Dinner buns
  • Rum raisin bread pudding

Dinner Parties

Ask about a in home dinner party and have a custom 3 to 5 Course dinner party in your home by one of our chefs.


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